Arctic Box Top A4
Arctic Box Top A4
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Arctic Box Top A4

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960 Pocketed Coil
Box Top Inner Panel
HyperTex Gel Foam
Foam Encased
2in Quiltflex
FR Fiber
IceTex Cooling Fabric
Cooling Technology
Zero Motion Transfer
Adjustable Friendly
14in Thickness
10 Year Warranty

Introducing the Arctic Box Top Mattress, a true innovation in sleep comfort and design. This 14-inch thick mattress combines advanced technology and superior materials to deliver an unparalleled gentle firm sleep experience.

True Box Top with Inner Panel: The standout feature of the Arctic Box Top Mattress is its genuine box top design, enhanced with an inner panel. This unique construction provides an additional layer of support, setting it apart from conventional mattresses. The inner panel contributes to a distinctively even and supportive sleeping surface, offering both comfort and durability.

Adjustable Friendly Design: Tailored to adapt to modern lifestyles, this mattress is fully adjustable-friendly. It seamlessly complements the functionality of adjustable bases, providing a customizable and ergonomic sleep experience. Whether you're reading, sleeping, or lounging, this mattress adjusts to your needs, ensuring comfort at all times.

Icetex Cool Cover: Sleep cooler with the innovative Icetex Cool Cover, which is 45% cooler than traditional mattress fabrics. This cover employs advanced cooling technology to actively regulate temperature, preventing heat buildup and maintaining a consistently cool surface all night long.

Hypertex Gel Foam Layer: Experience the luxurious comfort of the CertiPUR-US certified Hypertex Gel Foam. This unique layer blends the responsive nature of latex with the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam. Infused with gel, it promptly responds to your body movements, providing optimal temperature control and a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Super Soft Foam: A plush layer of super-soft foam adds a touch of luxury to the Arctic Box Top Mattress. It envelops your body in cloud-like softness for a deeply relaxing and comfortable sleep experience, perfect for those who appreciate a softer, more cushioned feel in their mattress.

Foam Encased Construction: The mattress features foam encasement around the edges, ensuring robust edge-to-edge support. This design maximizes the usable sleeping area and provides a stable seating edge.

960 Pocket Coil Sleep System: At its core, the Arctic Box Top Mattress boasts 960 individual quad cluster pocket coils. Each coil is engineered to offer precision support, adapting to your body's unique contours while minimizing motion transfer. This targeted support system is ideal for partners with varying sleep habits, ensuring an undisturbed and restful night's sleep.

In summary, the Arctic Box Top Mattress is a fusion of exceptional support, advanced cooling technology, and luxurious comfort. It's designed for those who seek a cooler, adjustable, and supportive sleeping solution without compromising on luxury and quality.