Tuscan Cloud - TC

Tuscan Cloud - TC

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960 Pocket Coil
2in Tack and Jump Cool Copper Cover
3in Gel Matrix Memory Foam
Adjustable Friendly
5 Year Warranty
13in Thickness

Introducing a remarkable mattress that combines luxurious comfort, advanced support, and innovative cooling features. This 13-inch soft mattress features a responsive 960 pocket coil system, a plush 3-inch layer of gel matrix memory foam for a marshmallow-like feel, and a tack and jump cool copper cover.

Prepare to be enveloped in unparalleled softness as you sink into the plush surface of this mattress. The 960 pocket coil system provides exceptional support by adapting to your body's contours, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and minimizing motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.

The 3-inch layer of gel matrix memory foam adds a touch of heavenly comfort, gently cradling your body and relieving pressure points. Experience the blissful sensation of sleeping on a marshmallow while enjoying the responsive support of the pocket coil system.

Enhancing the overall sleep experience is the tack and jump cool copper cover. The copper-infused fibers promote heat dissipation and regulate temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It adds an extra layer of sophistication and durability to the mattress.

This mattress is meticulously designed to provide a soft and plush feel while offering exceptional support and cooling properties. It combines the benefits of pocket coils and gel matrix memory foam, creating a sleep surface that guarantees a restful and rejuvenating experience.

Experience the epitome of comfort and innovation with this 13-inch soft mattress featuring a 960 pocket coil system, a 3-inch gel matrix memory foam layer for a marshmallow-like feel, and a tack and jump cool copper cover. Sleep peacefully, wake up refreshed, and embrace the day with renewed energy and vitality.